Mission of Masonga - Tanzania

GPS: 1°06'35,00"S 34°02'16,50"E
Altitude: 1193 m

Masonga Secondary School
Shirati - Roria

The Mission of Masonga is located on the Lake Victoria in the northern region of Tanzania, close to the border with Kenya and a few hours drive from the Serengeti Natural Park.

It was established in 1992 by Mexican Missionaries, in the village of Masonga. The village has a population of about 2500 people whose main activities are fishing and agriculture. The villagers have a life expectancy of only 45 years and the whole area is affected by high rates of child death (due to anaemia and malaria) and by extremely high penetration of HIV.

The Mission is currently managed by Brother Sergio Pario who supports activities mainly related to education and agriculture.

The Mission has 3 schools (1 preschool, 1 primary and 1 secondary school) which delivers education to about 800 students.

The agricultural development activities are focused on shifting cultivation to the highest yielding products (e.g. rice instead of the traditional cassava). This is made possible by irrigation through a set up of low cost windmills pumping water from Lake Victoria (50 windmills are already in place), built with local materials and technology, and by using tractors to better exploit the land available.

There are also activities of direct support to students, widows and elderly people. Students, who do not have enough money to pay school fees, receive a grant (the family of the student participates through the payment of 20% of the school fee); Widows and elderly people are supported through help to build housing.

From the commitment, the passion, and the bright ideas of Brother Sergio, new projects are frequently developed (e.g. improving mechanical equipment for agriculture activities, tourist activities, health insurance for early diagnosis and treatment) with the main objective to offer local people new opportunities for economic independence.

This web site gives a view of the activities currently running that you can support, and will be regularly updated with new opportunities.


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